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How long before I can get driving lessons with DARE2DRIVE?

Currently we have a waiting list. To get started when you want to, make sure you get in touch with us about 6 months before you are ready to start lessons. Otherwise we will take your details and let you know when a space becomes available. There is no obligation for you to start with DARE2DRIVE just because your name is on our list.

Is there anything I need before I start?

If you are just having Theory lessons, then no, you do not need anything. However, if you are wishing to have practical lessons then you need either a provisional or full driving licence. You can apply for your provisional licence from the age of 15 years and 9 months and begin to drive a car at the age of 17 years or ride a moped or small quadbike from the age of 16 years. As with your full driving licence, your provisional licence is valid for 10 years, unless you have a disability. When you pass your practical test you will receive a new Full photocard licence.  For you to have lessons with any instructor you will need to show your photocard licence and be able to share your driving licence information with them. Details of how to do this can be found here.
So what’s involved? What’s going to happen? When will I get to actually drive the car?

These are all questions I’m sure you are eager to have answered. Everyone is different and learns at different speeds and in different ways, your instructor will initially speak to you to find out a little about you and how you feel you learn best. If you don’t know, don’t worry, your instructor will know various techniques to help you along the way. You’ll be asked to provide your driving licence and you will need to read a number plate at a distance 20.5 meters, with or without glasses. During this chat you’ll also get to know your instructor, don’t be afraid to ask any questions, after all you’re going to be spending a fair amount of time together and you need to feel comfortable.

In your first initial meeting you’ll find out about the car, what the controls do and how to use them. You’ll find out what you have to do before you start the car and what to look for before you move. You will get to start the engine and at least have a practice at clutch control.

You will design your program of learning with your instructor and set your first goal with smaller targets to reach it. Goals are taken from the DVSA syllabus with a few additional ones that we feel are required to be safe on the roads today. As you may or may not be aware, the DVSA are looking at the structure of the current exam and looking at ways to bring it more up to date, these should all be covered within your programme of learning, so if things change whilst you are having lessons, there’s no need to panic.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable, scared or nervous of trying something new, please do tell your instructor. Also if you want to try something again please say, you are the person that needs to be confident and sure in what you are doing and things need to move at your pace. Likewise if things are moving too slowly please do mention your feelings so that things can be discussed and rectified.

Do I need to take my Theory Test before I start?

No, you do not need to have taken your Theory Test before you starting your lessons. We can help you with your theory during your lessons, or you can take extra classes specifically for the Theory Test. Your Theory Test is valid for 2 years from the date you pass, so if you don’t take your Practical L Test within a 2 year period you will need to retake your Theory Test.

How long will it take me to pass?

This is a tough question, and depends on you and how much practice between lessons you manage to have. On average it is said to take around 40 hours of lessons for a 17 year old to be test ready. However, there is no minimum number of hours that should be driven with an instructor before taking your test, as soon as you think you are test ready, there is nothing stopping you trying… apart from the cost! Money is precious and you don’t want to waste it, you will know exactly where you are within your program and you and your instructor will regularly discuss your timescale in accordance with taking your test, which hopefully you will only have to do once! One thing we do urge though, is NOT to compare your progress with anyone else, as mentioned earlier, everyone is different and learns things at different speeds and in different ways, your program may be different from a friend’s, even if they are learning with DARE2DRIVE.

How many lessons can I have in a week?

You are not limited to the number of lessons you can have each week, but lessons are subject to availability.

Where can I be picked up from?

You can be picked up from anywhere within our working radius, if you would like to be picked up further afield, this is possible but may incur an extra cost to cover fuel and time expenses, speak to your instructor for more details.

Can I be picked up from one place and dropped off at another?

Yes, simply agree a time and a place with your instructor where you would like to be picked up from and let them know if you would like to be dropped off at a different point.

How do I book my test?

You can book your test yourself very simply by going to https://www.gov.uk/book-theory-test to book your Theory Test and to https://www.gov.uk/practical-driving-test-for-cars to book your Practical Test. You will need your driver’s licence number, an email address and a credit or debit card to book online. You can call them on 0300 200 11 22 if you have any problems. If you would prefer we can book your test for you, the current cost is £23 for the Theory Test. The Practical Test is £62 if taken before 4.30pm Monday to Friday and £75 if after 4.30pm or at a weekend or on a Bank Holiday.

What happens if I fail?

Don’t panic, there is no maximum number of attempts to take your test, with a little more help and practice there’s no reason you won’t manage a pass the next time. You will have to wait at least 10 working days though before you can retake.

What happens when I pass?

When you’ve passed your test you will receive a pass certificate and you will be asked if you would like your full licence automatically sent to you. You can then take to the roads alone. You may want to display a P plate when you first of all pass, just so other drivers are aware that you are knew to the roads, but this is not a legal requirement. Once you’ve passed you can purchase a new driver lesson, this will mean driving your own car with your instructor, so you know you are confident and happy to drive alone. This doesn’t have to be taken straight away, but must be within 6 months of passing. Your car must be fully road worthy, taxed, MOT certified and insured for you to drive. Proof must be shown.

I have my licence but need help, can DARE2DRIVE help?

Yes, of course we can help. Whether you want to make sure your driving is up to modern standards so you can save fuel, or you are attending a driving assessment, we can take you out in your car or ours and make an evaluation on your skills, we will then discuss the evaluation with you and help you improve the way you drive… if needed of course!

If you are a nervous driver, or are having difficulties in one way or another, maybe reversing or parking, then we can help there too. Again our car is available, but we would be more than happy and even suggest it would be better, to take you out in your car to perform the manoeuvres, as this is the vehicle you use every day or you could go out and try them in both.

Remember if your car is to be used it must be road worthy, taxed, MOT certified and insured for you to drive and proof must be shown.

If you are knew to the country and your licence isn’t valid here in England, then we can help prepare you for your driving test too, if you require a translator to sit in with you whilst training that is fine, interpreters are not allowed to sit in on the driving test.

Can you train me to be a driving instructor?

At present I am NOT ORDIT registered to train you to become a driving instructor, but I would be more than happy to help you in any way I can. I do hope in the future to become a registered instructor trainer.

What does the DVSA syllabus entail?

The DVSA syllabus contains 4 main units, each of these units are divided into sections each of which you will cover during your time with DARE2DRIVE.

Unit 1 – Preparing a vehicle and its occupants for a journey

Unit 2 – Guide and control a vehicle

Unit 3 – Driving a vehicle in accordance with the Highway Code

Unit 4 – Drive safely and efficiently


Are you allowed to smoke in the car?

NO, it is against the law for anyone to smoke in a driving school car.

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